Over our years of doing business, we learned of the retail struggles in creating displays that appeal to customers and powerfully exhibit our products. We have customized thousands of displays varying in size: from full wall displays, sidekicks, endcaps, or countertop POS displays for our retailers. We are especially proud of our work in this area, which has grown by over 500% over the last two years.

Product & Package Design

Our designers work hands-on with our retailers to create full marketing programs. This starts with careful product selection, using forecasting methodology, ensuring that only high-percentage, profitable products are selected. Then our designers map out the retail space, and suggest the best type of display for the retailer. Working together, the retailer and designer create a framework that best suits the objective of the project.

All of our displays are attention-grabbing, designed to show off our product line, their functionality and brand name.

Catalog Design

In order to make the process even simpler for our retailers, our design team works with our production team to create ready-made displays. Meaning, LEGEND creates displays that can be shipped ready-stocked, so literally all the retailer needs to do is open the box and place the display where they want it in the retail space. From receiving to selling in less than a minute.

The options are truly endless. The type of display, materials used, its size and positioning in the retail environment are completely customizable to our retailer’s needs.

Brand Development

LEGEND has also specialized in producing endcaps that are used in large retail stores and the beginning/end of the isles. LEGEND provides solutions that make great use of all the available space.