The climax of the production process, is shipping the merchandise to LEGEND’S valued customers. It would be careless to build an entire process flow from factories overseas, to warehousing and boxing, and come up short when reaching shipping.

LEGEND has developed relationships with many carriers, and has worked tirelessly to foster those relationships. When difficult shipping scenarios occur, LEGEND is able to use its connections to cut through the red tape, and achieve actionable results. This has paid dividends over the years, especially when dealing with a changing and evolving marketplace.

Shipping requires a plethora of pedantic logistical paperwork. LEGEND looks to alleviate the murky paper trail by providing all its customers with detailed invoices, package labels, packing slips, bills of lading and tracking information. All of these elements are designed to allay the customers concerns and fears about receiving their goods on time.

When a customer sets a specific shipping window, it is adhered to through all departments. If a “must arrive by” date (MABD) is specified, the entire supply management staff is made aware, in real-time, and the order is carefully cradled until the point where it reaches the customer’s docks. ​

When necessary, LEGEND has been able to broker shipping appointments beyond the normal business hours and business days. Scheduled deliveries can be made by appointment, on a domestic or international level.

LEGEND’s shipping department, a team with over 30 years of shipping experience, is able to handle any sort of routing guide provided by customers. The routing guide is analyzed and immediately classified into one of LEGEND’s existing frameworks. If the requirements are different than LEGEND has seen in the past, an entirely new shipping framework is custom built for that customer.