Catalog Design

You must be able to give prospective customers access to your full range of products. However, achieving that goal can be problematic. The answer is a custom-designed, professional product catalog. At Legend, our experts combine professional photography with industry-leading copywriting and outstanding design capabilities to create product catalogs that put your offerings in the best light possible.

Why Worry about a Catalog?

With the right of e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart and the ability to search by product type, it’s natural to wonder why there’s a need for a product catalog in the first place. The truth is that an evocative, professionally-designed catalog is more important today than ever before. It provides:


  • A central location for all your products
  • The ability for a consumer to explore your entire portfolio of offerings
  • A chance to build credibility and trust
  • Upsells, add-on sales, and multiple product sales

Using Product Catalogs in the Modern World of E-Commerce

As you can see, product catalogs serve many purposes, but where can you use them? The answer is just about anywhere you want. We’ve created robust catalogs for use on client websites, in branded e-commerce stores, on Amazon and other e-commerce marketplaces, and even for use in printed publications.

Versatile and Professional

From your branded corporate website to Amazon and everything in between, we design product catalogs to suit specific purposes, audiences, and brands. We also design with the highest standards in mind to deliver a valuable brand asset that helps you achieve meaningful success.

High-Quality Imagery and Content

A product catalog can only be successful if the images and copy it contains are of the highest caliber. We offer professional photography and industry-leading copywriting to create compelling listings that incite interest and drive purchase.

Everything You Need

At Legend, we’re committed to helping you succeed by covering all the bases necessary. Product catalog design is just one of our offerings designed to propel brand recognition and growth.