Outsourcing production of its product line, is the key to LEGEND's ability to offer high-quality, diversified products at a low cost.

LEGEND strives for best business practices. This mantra permeates in all aspects of our supply chain management. The first step in production is to find the factories to produce the products.

LEGEND uses a global approach and employs the services of multiple facilities located in multiple countries and continents. This enables the maximization of sourcing the most advanced resources and materials.

Providing business to the local area population is important to LEGEND as well. Local relationships go a long way in the larger business picture. These homogeneous relationships span continents and are the first line of defense against miscommunication, productions errors, and quality assurance.
LEGEND’s factories operate with a keen focus on safety, ensuring that work conditions are safe for employees, and that the products produced are safe for widespread use by customers.

LEGEND makes sure that international standards are kept, and that there is no child labor or advantage taken of the disenfranchised members of society, at any of its facilities.


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LEGEND is focused on the environment, and will only employ the services of those factories that can meet certain standards. For example, use of biodegradable supplies is highly encouraged and implemented. ROHS and Prop 65 standards are always striven for compliance on any applicable product. LEGEND ensures that none of its products are tested on animals. Being ecologically correct is not a perk of doing business in the 21st century- it is a standard, necessary and vital to the global economy. There is only one Earth, and it must be protected.