Photography and Videography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is even more powerful. Don’t you deserve that sort of traction? We help you create evocative, brand-centric photographs and videos that communicate your message and drive sales success.

Photography: More Than a Pretty Picture

Without clear, professional, high-quality photographs of your products, you lack an essential sales tool. Today’s customers are hesitant to buy a product sight unseen, but low-quality, amateur photographs can do more harm than good. We offer professional photography services to put your products in their best light. We create photos for use in:


  • Amazon product listings
  • Walmart product listings
  • E-commerce shop listings
  • Advertisements and emails
  • Coupons and deal-related content
  • Product catalogs


However, we do more than just taking great product photographs. We also offer lifestyle photography to show your products in use by real people. From jewelry to technology to sports gear and everything in between, lifestyle photography highlights value and utility while driving interest.

Videography: Telling a Deeper Story

What’s more compelling and powerful than a professional photograph? A high-quality, evocative video. At Legend, our team of production experts creates video content that can enhance your brand, help connect with your audience, highlight the unique selling points of your products, and so much more. We create videos for use in:


  • Demonstrations and how-to content
  • Product listings
  • Blog posts
  • Email marketing


Our videos help you tell your brand’s story in unequivocal terms. Highlight what your product offers while clearly communicating your brand’s values and ethos to build trust, recognition, and market share.

We’re the Experts

Our team of photo/video experts have the experience necessary to create high-performing, compelling visual brand assets.

We’re Here for You

We focus our efforts on communicating your value and uniqueness through photographs and videos in innovative ways.

Set It and Forget It

We handle all the details for you, ensuring that you get the benefits of visual assets while being free to focus on doing what you do best.