At LEGEND, we use Trend Tracking Analysis when devising our products’ look and feel, in order to produce marketplace-relevant timely designs.

What is Trend Tracking?

Trend Tracking is a methodology that provides inspiration for our designers at the beginning of the design process.

Trend Tracking allows our design team to establish design strategies for our current product offering and to qualify design opportunities in emerging categories. The latest reports track trends in the following areas: form, color, patterns, materials, textures, packaging, and marketing. Attention is also paid to any social, cultural, or economic events and their impact on fashion and design.

These strategies are usually encapsulated in a clear concise paragraph per category, and used as a guide or mantra for designers as they conceptualize the product line.

With online resources such as WGSN and storeshop, we assess market direction and fashion nuances for our design team. We also tap into the plethora of fashion blogs and fashion magazines to peak into the latest trends.

At the end of the design process, trend tracking provides validation that the designs are right for the market place.