LEGEND pays special attention into providing its customers with products in the most secure and convenient way. To that end, products are packed in secure inner and master packs, to ensure that no damage occurs to the merchandise or retail packaging while in transit.

Packages are all shipped with detailed tracking information and paperwork, so that details of the merchandise location and estimations when the merchandise will arrive are available at all times.


LEGEND adheres to any special labeling or routing guidelines that customers may have. Our dynamic packaging software allows for custom templating of package or pallet labels. If you need it, LEGEND can accommodate.

LEGEND’s palletization software will save customers on shipping cost, by maximizing the configuration of boxes on any given pallet, so that no pallet is being shipped at less than its optimal capacity. Pallets are properly shrink-wrapped to secure the cargo in transit, and make certain that no one is injured when maneuvering the pallets while being received.


LEGEND is on point, pushing the envelope even in this area, which many don’t focus on. Efficiency is vital to any thriving business, and LEGEND understands that even the apparent simplicity of “boxing” has a world of potential.